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5 Key Ingredients For Managing Chaos

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Leading, moving and managing a large group of people is a lot like HERDING CATS!  This is especially true in the context of a big event; and especially true when two-thirds of those in the group are children.

[This is part of the Why We Cannot Wait For Summer Series. Have you seen the other posts yet?]

Cat Herders

Think about it, the task of simply moving a large group of people, in a short amount of time, from one place to another is just like trying to move a few dozen cats from the café serving tuna-surprise to the store down the street that claims the world’s biggest ball of string.

Herding Crowd

read more


The Essential Traits That You Need To Be A Leader Worth Following

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Sometimes it seems like leaders are like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get. Some leaders are great motivators and can inspire you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Other leaders seem to be in over their heads and struggle even in leading the way out of their cubicle.


Think, for just a moment, about the leaders you have had? Which leaders stand out as the most influential? What is it that you really remember about that person?  What made you want to follow in the footsteps of that person?

There are few people I remember as being leaders worth following. For those that I do remember, I don’t recall many specifics of what they said; but, I do remember their personality, how they treated people and how they lived their lives. read more


7 Foundations For Creating The Best Event Of The Year

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Vacation Bible School has been a part of children’s summers for, well, longer than you or I have been around. Our church is known for running one of the largest, and best, VBS’s around (I am not trying  to brag here – this comes from year after year comments from children, parents and leaders of other churches).

[This is part of the Why We Cannot Wait For Summer Series. Have you seen the other posts yet?]

VBS - The Big Event

In fact, we often get asked how we do it. People want to know how we bring a thousand children and hundreds of adults and teens together to create an experience that no one forgets.

It all starts with two words…Let’s Pray! read more


How Two Words Can Develop Your Character And Help You Become A Leader

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Today I have the honor of guest posting on Brandon Gilliland’s blog. Brandon has been writing a series on character. My post is part of that series and takes a look at two foundational words that are essential to developing character.

Here is an excerpt of my post titled “How Two Words Can Develop Your Character And Help You Become A Leader“:

What is it that makes you notice people? The way they act? The way they talk? Do you notice people more when they blend in with the crowd; or, when they do something that is a bit different? Obviously, we notice those that are a bit different. And, we definitely notice those that are a lot different.

be different

Whether or not we like the way that these really different people are different, there are things that we can learn from them about developing our own character.

Brandon has been writing on the concept of Character…well, actually on the concept of developing Godly Character. But, there are two important components to developing our character that we can learn from observing people whether we consider them to be “good characters” or “bad characters”.

1. Conviction.

The definition of conviction is: a firmly held belief or opinion. Whether good characters or bad characters, those that stand out from the crowd have some sort of firmly held belief that guides their actions and reactions in life…

…However, a conviction by itself is not enough. By itself, a conviction is nothing more than a fleeting thought. For it to be anything more, you have to act upon that conviction. And, that action takes…


Want to know the rest of the story and get the second word?  You can read the rest on Brandon’s site by clicking here.

Question: What would you add to the list as an important part of a person’s character? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


The #1 Thing A Great Leader Should Ask For

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If someone said that you could ask for anything in the world, what would you ask for? Money, power, fame, peace, prosperity? Would you ask for good health, comfort, long-life, adventure, love?


Would your answer change if the person with the offer was God? I mean, God can do anything, create anything and make anything happen. If God offered to give you anything your heart desired, what would you ask for? read more


11 Keys For Being The Leader Instead Of Looking Like The Enemy

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You are in the trenches. You know you have to lead the charge into a new direction, a new territory. But, how do you get there without losing those that follow you?

Standout Leader - Lead the Way!

The answer: Be far enough ahead that people see you as the leader; but, not so far ahead that you look like the enemy. The next question…how? read more


9 Ways You Might Be A Leader

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Do you know that you are a leader? I mean, sometimes you know that you are a leader. And sometimes you have a leadership role and don’t even realize it.

Leadership Road Sign

It is easy to think of leaders as those that have a high rank – such as president, CEO, director, pastor, chief, captain, master or … supreme lord chancellor of all read more


Three Potentially Powerful Phrases

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Every so often I come across phrases that are inspiring and empowering. They are the sort of phrases that you believe can help you live your life better or accomplish great things if you can just hold on to them long enough for them to become part of who you are.  They are phrases that change the way that you look at life and the world around you.

man and woman are working with futuristic screen

Today, within the span of an hour, I was presented with three of these potentially powerful phrases.

The first two phrases came from a Catalyst interview with Bob Goff featured on this Catalyst Podcast. The third phrase came from this blog post by Michael Hyatt. read more


Becoming Intentional

Do you ever have dreams about doing something big or spectacular? How about something that may just be a significant step in your life? When I have a responsibility to do something, I tend to do it very well; but, if it does not have that responsibility tied to it (and sometimes even if it does), I can become very good at putting off those dreams or even letting them just fade away. But, something is changing…

Intentionally Start Something

There are some days that I really get excited about something that I have accomplished. A few days ago I had one of those times with something I had written. I turned the writing into a blog post (this post) and I made it a point to tell a few people about it – including some that I don’t often mention my blog to. As I told one friend, this friend made an interesting observation. read more


Anger Destroyed the Moment

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My wife will tell you that she does not see me get angry very often. In fact, for the first couple of years that she knew me, she says that she did not know I was capable of getting angry. Then, one fateful night, while leading worship, my wife was totally taken by surprise.

Yelling Through The Microphone

As a college student, I led worship for the youth group at my church. It was something that I loved to do. I spent hours preparing music, hauling equipment, rehearsing the band, and doing everything I could think of to lead worship well. But, there was one thing that I didn’t prepare for. I was not ready, nor equipped, for times when others did not engage worship the way that I was planning on.

This particular night of worship started out like most other nights. We played some fun, energetic songs. Everyone seemed to be connecting (from what I saw) and we were moving into a more intimate time of worship. Then, I saw something I didn’t expect… read more


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