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I Didn’t Know Raising Children Meant Training Parrots

Before I had children, I had grand ideas of what I would teach my children, how they would respond, and the blissful life that we would have together.  However, there are three things that I forgot to take into account.

First, I don’t know everything that my kids need to know and that I need to teach them.  Second, I know (e.g. say and do) way too many things that I don’t want my kids to know (e.g. say and do).  And third, I didn’t know raising children meant training parrots! I didn’t know that they would repeat everything I say and do.


Raising Parrots

It all starts out simply enough.  In fact, it is usually really cute (is ‘cute’ okay for a guy to say?).  Think about a baby mimicking a smile or a toddler repeating a funny sound, word or phrase. read more


Becoming Intentional

Do you ever have dreams about doing something big or spectacular? How about something that may just be a significant step in your life? When I have a responsibility to do something, I tend to do it very well; but, if it does not have that responsibility tied to it (and sometimes even if it does), I can become very good at putting off those dreams or even letting them just fade away. But, something is changing…

Intentionally Start Something

There are some days that I really get excited about something that I have accomplished. A few days ago I had one of those times with something I had written. I turned the writing into a blog post (this post) and I made it a point to tell a few people about it – including some that I don’t often mention my blog to. As I told one friend, this friend made an interesting observation. read more


Do The Little Rocks Get In The Way?

How do you manage the different aspects of your life?  “Put the big rocks in first” is a great principle, if used consistently, in helping us to get the right things done.  Check out this video for Stephen Covey’s explanation.

Michael Hyatt recently wrote on this topic describing the big rocks that he makes important (Pursuit of God, Intellectual Growth, Physical Exercise, Your Spouse, Important Projects).  For me, I find that, even with knowing that the big rocks need to take priority, the little rocks still get in the way and they seem to so easily side-track me from getting to the important things.

So, why do the little rocks still get in the way?  Here are four reasons: read more


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