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The Crayon That Did Not Work – Learning To Understand Your Child

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Crayons are such an amazing invention!  Amazing because a set of crayons and a book of yet-to-be-colored pictures will keep my daughter’s attention for extended amounts of time.  Needless to say, my daughter loves to color.  However, she has gotten a bit frustrated lately with a particular crayon…a crayon that just does not work.


The other day I heard the voice of my confused two-year-old daughter exclaiming, “Daddy, the crayon doesn’t work!”  She desperately wanted me to fix it; so, she held the crayon out to me with great expectation.  I examined it.  Everything seemed to be in perfect working order.  I mean, it is a stick of wax – what can really go wrong with it.  I told her that it did work and proceeded to show her as much.

She was still confused.  The colored stick of wax still didn’t do what she wanted it to do…

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