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The Small Little Voice That Changes Your Night

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It never fails. The middle of the night. That tiny little voice at the door to my bedroom. It has a variety of things it says, “Daddy, I had a bad dream“, “Daddy, I’m thirsty”, “Daddy, I need to go to the bathroom”, “Daddy, I can’t go to sleep”. In a sense, it doesn’t matter what is said. That little voice changes the course of my night.

Star of Bethlehem Night Sky

Sometimes I try to ignore that little voice. Sometimes I tell that little voice to go back to bed. Sometimes I try to get my wife to answer that little voice. Sometimes I get upset at that little voice. And, occasionally, I am overwhelmed with sympathy and love for read more


Sometimes God Has A Different Plan

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Do your plans ever work out exactly like you intended or thought they should have?

Project Plans

There is a story in the Bible where Jesus has the opportunity to heal a good friend of his. However, Jesus waits a little too long to go see him. Instead of a miraculous healing of a sick man, this man dies.

read more


Wild Goose Chase

Wild Goose ChaseYou want an adventure of a life time. You dream about it. You think about what it would be and where it would be. You consider the cost. You save your pennies and dimes. You decide it’s worth the money and are ready to jump in. But, is it truly the greatest adventure? And, are you really willing to pay the price of the greatest adventure?

From “Wild Goose Chase” by Mark Batterson…

The rich young ruler written about in the Gospels had everything you could want – youth, wealth and power. However, he was still seeking something more. He came to Jesus asking what he must do to gain eternal life. Jesus told the man what it would cost. And, even though Jesus was offering so much more – the adventure of a life time and beyond – the rich young ruler … read more


11 Keys For Being The Leader Instead Of Looking Like The Enemy

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You are in the trenches. You know you have to lead the charge into a new direction, a new territory. But, how do you get there without losing those that follow you?

Standout Leader - Lead the Way!

The answer: Be far enough ahead that people see you as the leader; but, not so far ahead that you look like the enemy. The next question…how? read more


9 Ways You Might Be A Leader

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Do you know that you are a leader? I mean, sometimes you know that you are a leader. And sometimes you have a leadership role and don’t even realize it.

Leadership Road Sign

It is easy to think of leaders as those that have a high rank – such as president, CEO, director, pastor, chief, captain, master or … supreme lord chancellor of all read more


Avoiding Unintentional Intentions

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A fellow blogger, Josh Hood, recently wrote about avoiding the dangers of distraction in leadership. He used this video that powerfully shows the dangers of distraction while driving…

If you are like me, this video was emotionally intense. It may be causing you to rethink decisions you make while driving. I have been like those kids – thinking that there really won’t be a problem if I focus on various other things for short periods of time while driving.

We are all like those kids. Maybe not with texting and driving; but, in other significant areas of our lives where unintentional intentions can distract us from the more important things. read more



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Can you still hear it? That little sobbing whimper, that blood-curdling scream, or that shaky little voice saying “I had a bad dream”? In response to your child, you either hug your child with compassion, leap to your feet to battle whatever the enemy might be, or groan because it is the third time…that night.


My wife and I have definitely experienced the bad-dream-dilemma with our kids – with each stage and each child bringing their own challenges.

We all have bad dreams. Even as adults. But, what do we do about them? I have a couple of standard things that I do. And, my wife gave one of the most incredible solutions a few nights ago. I will tell you about all three. read more


Three Potentially Powerful Phrases

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Every so often I come across phrases that are inspiring and empowering. They are the sort of phrases that you believe can help you live your life better or accomplish great things if you can just hold on to them long enough for them to become part of who you are.  They are phrases that change the way that you look at life and the world around you.

man and woman are working with futuristic screen

Today, within the span of an hour, I was presented with three of these potentially powerful phrases.

The first two phrases came from a Catalyst interview with Bob Goff featured on this Catalyst Podcast. The third phrase came from this blog post by Michael Hyatt. read more


Top Posts For April

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Top_5Here are the top five posts for April 2011.

  1. How Did You Celebrate?
  2. Jesus, Like No Other
  3. The #1 Way To Change Your Day
  4. Becoming Intentional
  5. Why Parents Should Stop Saying “Sorry”

Each of theses posts were published during April.  Although, one came from an email that I wrote for Easter last year.  Can you guess which one?

There are also a couple of older posts that continue to get a lot of attention:

  1. 10 Ways to Get the Attention of Kids
  2. Twelve Way To Get Your Child’s Attention

THANK YOU for reading and for letting me be part of your day.  I also want to say THANK YOU for those that have taken time to leave comments!  Community is a great way to do life and I learn so much from what others have to say.

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