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Do I Really Have To Wait?

I really don’t like to wait for things to happen. Once I get the vision, I want to get on with it. Seize the moment…right? But what about David…


As a young man, David was chosen by God to be king of Israel. There was only one problem. Someone else was already on the throne. So, what was David to do? He was given the vision. He was anointed by God. I can only imagine that David was a little excited (after getting past the scared ‘what-did-he-just-say’ reaction). Well, David did what is unnatural for many of us…David waited. 

Can anything good come out of waiting? read more


Your Best Introduction For…

How would you introduce Christ?  Would you understate the case?  Would you be timid or bold?  What if you didn’t know the person you were speaking to?  What if you were in front of a crowd?  Check out Steve Harvey’s way…

I would love to say that this is how I would describe Jesus.  Although, I know that I often change my tactics based on who I am talking to, what the situation is, and what my frame of mind is.  But think, just for a moment, what would happen if we always took a stance that represented the awesomeness of Jesus?

How would you introduce Jesus?  Would you go big, small, or not at all?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.


Do The Little Rocks Get In The Way?

How do you manage the different aspects of your life?  “Put the big rocks in first” is a great principle, if used consistently, in helping us to get the right things done.  Check out this video for Stephen Covey’s explanation.

Michael Hyatt recently wrote on this topic describing the big rocks that he makes important (Pursuit of God, Intellectual Growth, Physical Exercise, Your Spouse, Important Projects).  For me, I find that, even with knowing that the big rocks need to take priority, the little rocks still get in the way and they seem to so easily side-track me from getting to the important things.

So, why do the little rocks still get in the way?  Here are four reasons: read more


10 Ways to Get the Attention of Kids

Turn on disco and do a funny dance. Bang on pots and pans. And don’t forget the bullhorn.

No, really, seriously…well, not completely seriously…we are talking about working with kids; and, we all know that being serious all of the time with kids just doesn’t work. But there are times that you really need to get your group of kids to stop what they are doing and listen to you.

[For more tips in getting the attention of your child, check out this post “12 Ways To Get Your Child’s Attention.”]

There are so many ways to get the attention of kids in a group setting. Here are some of my favorites… read more


Are You Thankful for the Fleas?

I have never heard of anyone being thankful for fleas…until I heard the story of a lady named Corrie ten Boom. Corrie, living in Holland during the 1940’s, was arrested and sent to one of the worst places on earth.


Corrie, along with many others, landed in one of the worst concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Her crime … helping Jews flee Hitler’s regime and escape to freedom. I can’t even begin to understand the conditions of her life and of the camp she was sent to. But, from the descriptions, the camp was worse than the worst place you can imagine. Lack of food. Lack of the basic necessities to sustain life. Lack of sanitary conditions – causing great risk to life. The labor was extreme. In a space created for 400 people, lived about 1400 women. And, this space was infested with fleas!

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Changing Your Child’s World

Have you ever experienced that beautiful moment? Sitting with your child and, for the first time, your child begins to read a book to you?


This is truly a beautiful moment. You hear the excitement in their voice. You begin to see the potential of a changed life as your child begins to understand a world around them that they never saw before. This is just one of the many blessings and opportunities that come when you take the time to read with your child.

There are many ways that reading with children can change their world…and yours. Here are four top picks:

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Passion about nothing is…

“Passion about nothing is like pouring gasoline in a car with no wheels – it isn’t going to lead anybody anywhere.”

–Donald Miller
Blue Like Jazz


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